Vilmeks was founded in 1986 with the focus of trading raw materials especially in plastics and paper industries. The company expanded its activities in agricultural industry by exporting Turkish products to the Mediterranean area, and  is still very active in this field, especially in the trade of wheat and flour through its affiliate SMT, which is based in Malta.

In the year 1996, the company has started to trade Iron and Steel products, by exporting Turkish produced steel to Europe. From the year 2000 onwards, steel trading activities of the company have been diversified and extended to geographies like North and East/West Africa, South East Asia and Northern Europe, both on the supply and the sales side.

Starting from the year 1990, Vilmeks also initiated the activity of importing nickel and nickel salts for further distribution in the Turkish market.  Since then, Vilmeks has been a major supplier of these products for both plating and melting industries, where nickel is widely used in Turkey.

Vilmeks is also very active in the distribution of ferroalloys in Turkey. It has retained a major role among the Turkish steel producers, by constantly supplying Ukrainian origin Ferroalloys in general.