Vilmeks is one of Turkey’s largest trading companies  supplying a wide range of raw materials to industrial customers and traders around the world.

The main activities of Vilmeks concentrate on Iron and Steel products, Nickel and Nickel Salts, Ferroalloys . The company is also involved in   Agricultural products through its affiliate company SMT based in Malta. (

In the Steel Industry, the activity of the company expands from South East Asia, India, Turkey to Europe, North and East/West Africa .With the help of its well established contacts and affiliates the company is capable of buying and selling in all those areas enumerated above. Vilmeks have established long term relationships with  local partners in order to ascertain that sales and purchases are made in line with the specific conditions of each country where the company is involved.

Vilmeks is also active in the Steel Industry as being a well-known supplier of Ferroalloys mainly from Ukrainian Origin. The good relations  that Vilmeks enjoy with the Turkish Steel Companies on the buying side, helps the company in the marketing of Ferroalloys.

Vilmeks is distributors of Nickel Metal and Nickel Salts in the Turkish Market. The company has acted as a strategic partner with Vale for nearly 20 years by distributing more than half of Turkish Nickel imports for a long time. This activity continues and is being enhanced by the opening of new  selling subsidiaries in various areas where the demand for Nickel is substantial.

Vilmeks values motivation and employ the most competent people in the field of their activity. All the unit managers are people with strong dedication to development, and add strength to the organization.

Vilmeks  is a privately held company and is located in Istanbul, Turkey.